Building Web Sites – Part 3

In Uncategorized on December 29, 2009 by martykelly

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Spent the evening and morning getting my engineering juices going building Star Wars Armored Assault Tank in Lego with Louis.  Once we established division of labour – Louis building, Martin covered stock control and QA things started to move.  All worked well for an hour before boredom set in and we had to rotate roles.  Like coding the initial challenge was to find the right piece in a sea of lego blocks (read: find the right function call).  Later the challenges was to figure out a way of getting by given that one vital block had been eaten by the cat.

Back to bulding the web site.  As usual spend 30 mins getting lost reading readwriteweb and thinking about how the semantic web might be useful.  Anyway this random walk led me to slideshare and I’m still finding it hard to believe that simply by cutting and pasting the following text ‘slideshare id=814987&doc=rwwpresentationdec08-1228338052874869-9’ into WordPress the following happens.

Easy peasie lemon squeezie.  But it crashes my machine on full screen view model.  Now I need to understand what is actually happening under the hood which  might take a little while


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