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In Uncategorized on December 27, 2009 by martykelly

It’s ten years since I last tried to build anything on the web (aside from playing with Ning a couple of years ago to build a mini northern soul community).  Having studied computer science in college followed by 10 years as a techie (including sysadmin, dba, systems programming) I’m amazing at how complex we have managed to make building simple web sites.  Back in 1993 the industry believed that 4GL’s were the future – no need to code anything again – seems like the paperless office that vision never happened.  The IBM 402 accounting machine is a good example of the current engineering challenges we face.  However we have made great progress in other areas.  I logged onto WordPress this morning for the 1st time and this is the result after 20 mins (very easy to use) now how to I build a simple site that includes a small database application (CRUD) functionality

IBM 402 Accounting Machine control panel     I...
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